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Our CSR policy

Our CSR policy

The CSR policy is Corporate Social Responsibility. The term CSR represents a concept in which companies integrate social and environmental concerns into their organization. At Les Séraphines, we are particularly committed to the preservation of the environment, we favor short circuits as much as possible and we work with quality products, from responsible agriculture and production. We share strong values such as hospitality and friendliness. To understand our CSR policy in more detail and to find out about our daily commitments, we invite you to read our charter. .

1% for the Planet

" 1% for the Planet " brings together member companies who undertake to donate 1% of their turnover to associations for the protection of the environment. This global movement was launched in 2001. Since then, approximately 3,500 companies have joined the movement. The Seraphines are part of this movement. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Fusce placerat erat ligula, auctor aliquam felis ultricies in. Etiam carried eros non tinct ullamcorper. Etiam cursus urna ut velit blandit, et lobortis dui faucibus.

Vapodil - Whole house steam cleaning

At Les Séraphines we have made the radical choice to eliminate all the chemicals for cleaning tasks.
We use Vapodil's dry steam cleaning solution for all daily cleaning and disinfection tasks.

Vapodil - Dry steam cleaning

Litha Cafe

Café Litha combines an exceptional natural product with the excellence of a good coffee. It is a real taste experience that is offered to you. The best products around the world are selected. We invite you to enjoy a coffee in the common areas of our charming guest house in the center of Bordeaux.


Everything that can be composted is recovered by this Bordeaux company, BicyCompost . They come to collect, directly by bike, the bio-waste produced by professionals. This waste is then transformed into quality compost. This compost is distributed to market gardeners in the region.

BicyCompost - Bio-waste collection by bike


The Eco-Challenges allow you to get involved in the protection of the environment. Bordeaux is committed to its ecological transition and supports its companies in implementing actions in favor of the environment, around major themes: packaging, transport, water, products, waste, energy and societal-sustainable. Your hosts naturally decided to take part in this ecological challenge.

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